Add an ERV to Your Rooftop Unit

Buildings need to be ventilated and to have fresh air brought in. Unfortunately, when the building’s air is at 70 degrees and the outside air is at 110 degrees in summer or 10 degrees in winter, exchanging air can waste a great deal of energy. Adding a Ruskin Rooftop Systems Energy Recovery Ventilator to your building’s mechanical systems can recover up to 70 percent of the total energy in your building’s air and reuse the energy to reduce your heating and cooling costs.The Ruskin Rooftop Systems Unitized ERV doesn’t just save energy — it does it with your existing rooftop units. If your rooftop units are in good shape, you don’t have to replace them to get the benefits of energy recovery. The unit can attach to any brand of rooftop unit and is factory painted in a matched color to keep your rooftops looking great.


Unitized ERVs from Ruskin Rooftop Systems contain advanced technology and high-quality components inside and out. The casing of the unit is made of heavy steel and is coated with powder paint while its interior is fully insulated to reduce energy loss. Units come with a heavy-duty support base and adjustable legs so that you can sit them on your roof without making any penetrations.  Ruskin Rooftop Systems even offers optional hinged access panels on some models of ERV to let maintenance workers access their internal components without tools. 

On the inside, the ERV features Ruskin’s patented pivoting wheel, which can rotate out of the airstream and let the unit truly operate as an economizer. It also uses patented technology in its energy recovery wheel, which absorbs temperature differentials to return them to the system, saving energy. Ruskin Recovery Systems’ ERVs also have the industry’s only cleanable wheels.

Ruskin Rooftop Systems builds its ERVs for easy configuration in the field, letting technicians optimize its performance. Unitized ERVs feature adjustable motor sheaves and an adjustable motor base for blower speed and belt tension adjustments. The unit itself has as variable frequency drive system that automatically varies the blower speed for higher efficiency.

These units are intelligent as well. They feature multiple sensors that maximize their operational efficiency and help the buildings they serve run better and more safely. A low ambient control kit sensor prevents frost from forming in cold temperatures while carbon dioxide sensors help the ERV determine when to run and when to shut down to maximize indoor air quality. Pressure gauges and wheel rotation sensors help to keep the unit running well.


Adding an energy recovery system to your building’s HVAC stack lets you maintain a comfortable and well-ventilated building while saving energy. Before air even reaches your unit’s coil or heat exchanger, the Unitized ERV has already preconditioned it. As the air passes out of the building and through the ERV, the unit can recover up to 4 tons per 1,000 cfm of outside air worth of cooling. It also recovers up to 12,000 Btuh of heating for every 400 cfm of air.

Adding a Ruskin Rooftop Systems Unitized ERV control humidity as well.  It wrings moisture out of outside air during the summer, and helps keep moisture in during dry winter months.  It  lets your ventilation systems maintain compliance with the ASHRAE 62 ventilation standard, keeping your air clean. At the same time, its energy saving features also qualify it for Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environment Quality credits under the LEED-EB and LEED-NC Green Building standards. 

The air quality and environmental benefits of an energy recovery ventilator don’t require a completely new HVAC system. Ruskin Rooftop Systems Unitized ERVs let you add this technology to any existing system. With fast payback and an excellent ROI.


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