Q: Can a Ruskin sunshade benefit my
design by making it more sustainable?
A: Not only are sunshades a great way
to put your mark on a building as an
architect, but they are also an ideal way
to accumulate LEED® points. See LEED®
information on the left.
Q: Can Ruskin provide documentation
supporting recycled materials and
regional values?
A: Yes, we can provide a project specific letter
that addresses LEED® Credits MR 4, and 5.
Q: Does Ruskin offer AIA continuing
education courses online?
A: Visit http://www.Ruskin.com for the latest
continuing education information.
Q: What finish types are available on
A: Ruskin offers endless possibilities of color
in standard 2-coat 50% PVDF and 70%
PVDF, as well as our Pearledize 50 and 70
(2-coat mica). These painted finishes all
carry a 20 year warranty. Clear and Color
Anodize finishes are also available, but
highly discouraged due to the variation
in metal alloys.
Q: Does Ruskin have Sunshade designs
suitable for 3-D modeling?
A: Yes. Ruskin has a variety of options for
Revit®, including our COOL SHADES Revit
sunshade configurator add-in, as well as our
standard Revit® family files (.rfa) that can
be easily downloaded at http://www.ruskin.com.
Q: What if I would like to incorporate a design
not shown in this brochure?
A: Yes! Ruskin can modify standard concepts
to meet your project’s needs!
Q: What are intermediate outriggers?
A: Intermediate outriggers are a great solution
when blades span a distance beyond their
maximum structural limits. To function
correctly, they require front and rear fascias.
Q: What does Ruskin recommend with regard
to attachment brackets?
A: We can provide custom attachment brackets
when necessary. An alternative installation
method that saves time, money and material
is direct attachment to the structure.
Q: Welding vs. Mechanical Fastening, which
is better?
A: Ruskin recommends mechanical fastening
for superior fit and finish and making
component replacement possible.
Q: Can Ruskin provide stamped, structural
calculations by a professional engineer
in my state?
A: Yes we can! We have design engineers
in-house that perform the calculations
for review by a professional engineer in
the applicable state to check and stamp.
Please call your local Ruskin Architectural
representative for more details.


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