Reliable Louvers make any hotel PTAC look better

There are a handful of things that everyone checks out when scoping out a hotel for quality: the bed, the service, and the buildings exterior – including the louvered grilles on the PTAC room air conditioner. Air conditioning can ruin a hotel experience, and part of that is for it to look great. In that, the louver/grille can add a lot to the whole look, as well as provide a reliable part of the functioning.

Reliable Louvers provides a wide variety of architectural louvers and grills to fit all kinds of PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioning) units, and offers the only louver in the industry that is approved by all of the PTAC’s OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). With a Reliable louver, you can rest easy knowing that the performance of the PTAC won’t be hindered or impaired because of an improperly working intake or exhaust, offering free ventilation for the entire room.

We can also manufacture louvers that fit any size of PTAC unit, both standard and special sizes. Regardless of the kind of PTAC or the space you need to fill, we can create a louver to fit the unit. We are also capable of producing a large variety of louvers in different colors and styles. There are lots of customizable options to get the louvers to fit in the the decorating scheme and color scheme of the hotel room: a few pieces that stick out in an unpleasant way can bring down the look of the whole room.

We can assist hotel managers, owners, and developers directly with the louvers required in the construction of a new hotel or the renovation of an existing building. We can match any color desired, a window type, as well as provide other necessary accessories so that the louver installation is a breeze. We can also provide some further custom options for hotels, such as a decorative cover medallion for the hotel property. An identifying medallion can set the hotel apart from others and add some appeal beyond a standard architectural louver. Reliable also offers a louver designed for hurricane wind conditions.  Louvers that can withstand hurricane impact are available for properties on the coast.

Regardless of a hotel’s need for size, shape, color, or other design needs, we can provide a louver to fit that need. When building or remodeling a hotel, every piece needs to be taken into account to provide the best possible aesthetic appeal for customers.


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