Lau’s New Corus Fan saves Energy … and is Quiet!

Tom Edwards - casualEmployees like to be comfortable as they work, and having a reliable and quiet air conditioning system is a big part of that.

The new Corus fan from Lau is an ideal choice to keep any environment under excellent comfort control. The Corus fan is the result of more than 80 years of experience and expertise, leading to a fan that is unmatched in economically viability and comfort. In working with AHU manufacturers, Lau combined ideas and considerations from all of those clients into delivering a product that works the best.  Special care was taken to eliminate resonance conditions, to provide flexible operating ranges, and to eliminate tonal annoyance: a common problem that can affect employee productivity simply by result of a fan being too loud. The fan’s Qualitone wheel reduces blade pass tone by 10 decibels. The Corus fan was designed to be used in any air handling design.

The added advantages remain cost effective: reducing noise volume occurs without any additional attenuation or added costs. The fan will meet desired operating points due to its design with selectable wheel widths optimzed using the Lau Element selection program ( The FEA design eliminates all resonance conditions in the running range. The Coral fan is built to be low maintenance, which can save a business money on repair costs, as well as the time it might take maintenance staff to work on infrastructure like fans, freeing up their time for other considerations. The energy efficiency of the fans also help to reduce a business’s operating energy costs.

The Corus fan features aluminum welded airfoil wheels, that are available in 9-blade and 12-blade wheel designs. The wheels range from 10-40 inches in diameter, to fit a number of different of airflow requirements. Lau builds the fans sturdy with heavy-duty galvanized steel bases, and a proprietary balance system for the industry’s tightest vibration performance. The fans are available with a number of accessories, including shaft grounding kits, piezometer, inlet dampers, guarding, and special coatings.

A variety of fans are available for a variety of different needs and purposes.  Fans range in size, material, and purpose: from industrial to commercial uses. For more information about products available, or about getting Lau fans in your system, please contact us on our website.


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