Spiral Ductwork From Eastern Sheet Metal

With all of the focus on high efficiency HVAC equipment to improve building efficiency, interior air quality, and employee health, the right equipment is only as good as the delivery system. Ultimately, your building’s benefits lie in the total system.  Your ductwork is essential to maximizing the efficiency of the system.  Eastern Sheet Metal spiral ductwork is the right choice to ensure the air gets delivered to the space with inconsequential leakage.

Imagine a technology that could save 10 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity in North America every year. At the same time, it could also improve comfort and indoor air quality by reducing leaks. In addition, it is 30 to 40 percent lighter than traditional rectangular ducts and easier to install. While this system is worth more money than a traditional rectangular ductwork system, it usually costs less to install.

Given these benefits, it’s not surprising that, over the past 40 years, spiral ductwork has gone from 5 percent of the Scandinavian market to 85 percent of it. Germany, France and Great Britain are all having similar transitions, and with companies like Eastern Sheet Metal making high quality spiral ducts in the United States, the transition is happening here. Here are some of the unique benefits of a spiral duct system:

  • Spiral ducts using the Eastern Tight Seal are virtually airtight. Many can exceed SMACNA’s Class 3 standard for air leakage.  Most manufacturers utilize double gaskets, Eastern Sheet Metal ducts have triple-lipped gaskets for even higher levels of performance.
  • Spiral ducts are efficient. Their exceptional sealing capability isn’t just a benefit for its own sake. By using Eastern Sheet Metal spiral ducts are able to use less power to provide better heating and cooling performance. This is how they can save 10 TWh of power.
  • Spiral ducts are less turbulent. The lack of sharp edges and hard corners helps to keep air flowing smoothly (have you ever seen a rectangular water pipe?). This increases flow efficiency while generating less sound.
  • Spiral ducts maintain pressure. A spiral system maintains equal pressure via static regain, leading to more efficient air flow and higher energy efficiency.
  • Spiral ducts are easy to clean. While the lack of leakage helps to keep your building healthier, the ability to use NAIMA-approved equipment inside the ducts keeps dust and pathogen levels down, offering further health and IAQ benefits. 
  • Spiral ducts are space efficient. Oval can be used in tighter spaces with the same benefits as round duct.  
  • Spiral ducts are attractive. Exposed spiral continues to be a trend in modern building applications. 

Spiral ducts are rapidly becoming the standard for HVAC installations throughout the country. Their high efficiency, easy installation and low cost combine to make them the best way to deliver ventilation and climate control in any building.

Eastern Sheet Metal  provides prefabricated, custom ducting specific to any contractor’s requirements.  They work through an excellent set of factory representatives designed to help every ESM job go smoothly!



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