AMCA 511 Certified Economizers from Ruskin Rooftop Systems

Your building takes a lot of energy to keep at a constant temperature. If you’re replacing or upgrading your HVAC system, you’ll want to have the best bang for your buck. One of the ways you can ensure that you’re spending money wisely is to implement a state-of-the-art economizer with the best dampers possible.

Airside economizers serve a myriad of functions that include ensuring code-compliant ventilation requirements and significant energy savings.

During normal building operating hours, economizers provide the right amount of outside air via your air conditioner.  This ventilation rate promotes proper IAQ and great worker productivity.  When outside air temperatures drop below space temperature, this is where they save the big bucks.  Most commercial buildings require year-round cooling – especially in the interior.  Hence, it is always cheaper to condition cooler outside air.  Additionally, below 60F, there is no sense using the compressor at all.  Economizer dampers modulate outside and return dampers for a perfect mix to provide free-cooling for your building.   

During off-hours, outside air dampers shut completely if space temperature is met, thereby preserving this conditioned air.  The greater the outside and inside temperatures differ, and the tighter the damper, the greater the savings. 

To ensure a tight outside air seal during unoccupied hours, dampers can be certified by AMCA. The Air Movement and Control Association International (AMCA) was founded nearly 100 years ago. AMCA is a standards and certification group designed to assure HVAC system designers, contractors and building owners product performance. At Ruskin Rooftop Systems, we know AMCA certification makes sense.

An AMCA 511 Certified Economizer is the assurance of promised performance.  Tight sealing of dampers are assured with an AMCA 511 economizer.

 At Ruskin Rooftop Systems, we utilze the AMCA-proven CD60 damper system with parallel blades to ensure optimal mixing capability of outside and return air – eliminating coil stratification. For more information about how Ruskin Rooftop Systems can help you select the right AMCA 511 certified economizer, contact us today!



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