Ruskin Minivent ERV perfect for Classrooms

Due to their high density nature, schools require a lot of outside air to meet indoor air quality code requirements. Most schools take this air directly into their heating/cooling coils and condition it to meet space temperature requirements.  This is extremely expensive. 

One exceptional option available for reducing the cost of heating and cooling classrooms inside a school or offices inside a building is through a Ruskin Miniventilator ERV. A Ruskin Miniventilator ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation), is used to recover energy spent heating or cooling the facility and use it to pre-treat the outside air prior to heating or cooling it.   

Ruskin’s miniventilator reuses the energy that is exhausted from the building – without the contaminants. During the warmer months, the Ruskin Miniventilator ERV pre-cools the air coming into the building, so the  air conditioning unit does not have to work as hard.  As an additional benefit, it also dehumidifies the air that is coming in.  Of course, this reduces the amount of potential mold and damage caused by heavy humidity. If you have a school with any individual dehumidifers operating in any spaces – it is a sure candidate for a Ruskin miniventilator ERV.

The Ruskin Miniventilator ERV also helps during the colder months of the year as well. When the thermostat calls for heating, the ERV pre-heats the air coming into the building and also humidifes this drier air by capturing only the moisture on the Ruskin desicant wheel.  By adding humidify into the air, it is easier to keep the school comfortable and everyone healthy – children, teachers and staff alike. 

The Ruskin Minivent ERV is not only smart for schools, but for a variety of office applications as well. 

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